The Sales You Wear on Your Sleeves: Wearables and Inbound Leads

Leads are valuable; they are the lifeblood of a sale, and keeping a pulse on interested prospects should be priority one for any business.

That said, certain leads are stronger than others, something the sales floor is keenly aware of. At the top of the lead ladder are inbound leads – people essentially asking for someone to sell to them. Knowing when these leads come calling (literally) could be the difference between a quick commission check and a light sales quarter.

Knowing is half the battle

Because of the grand importance of inbound leads, many sales people would gladly duck out of a meeting, reschedule a lunch or even pause an active campaign for a juicy prospect, and rightfully so. Inbound leads convert at almost five times the rate of outbound leads! But not all sales people are acutely stalking their phones – or at least not all day – and leads sometimes slip through the cracks.

Now, wearable technologies are repairing those cracks with a much-needed layer of transparency.

The money watch

Sure, the omnichannel capabilities of PBX systems have existed for a while – calls come through a company landline but simultaneously ring the next-up sales rep’s cell and VoIP system – but sales teams are not always camped at their computers or landlines, and their phones are not always fixed on the most active alert settings.

New on the sleeve sales technology could be the next sales floor vogue.

Imagine inconspicuous smartwatches that can ping alerts of inbound leads: no more stressed salesmen pulling their phones out of their pockets every five seconds, rushing to their voicemails in panic of missed calls, parrying conversations with Wild West phone draws during meetings or lunches.

Wearables integrated to Salesforce and linked to phone systems are the next sales solution, offering a non-evasive que to help sales reps circumnavigate phone politics for tasty deals waiting on the other line.

Already, NewVoiceMedia is working to usher in the marriage of wearables and sales with the introduction of ContactWorld for Wearables. Key product features include:

  • Quicker response time: ContactWorld for Wearables notifies salespeople of incoming calls, so they know immediately when a prospect is calling them.
  • Better background for more informed decisions: Call notifications contain the prospect’s name, position, company and open opportunities, so salespeople can decide in real time whether it’s worth stepping out of a meeting to take the call and have the information they need to navigate calls smoothly when they do take them.
  • Integration across channels: ContactWorld for Wearables syncs with email and phone history, so information is always up-to-date.

If you’re interested in learning more about how wearables could improve your sales team click here [hyperlink].

Are you using wearables in your workplace? Does your sales team have plans for this emerging sales tech? Share your thoughts below.
Olivier Gachot

Olivier Gachot is EVP of North America Sales at NewVoiceMedia, responsible for accelerating growth through new customer acquisition and maintaining successful and trusted partnerships with existing customers. He is a proven leader in building and transforming SaaS companies at scale on a global basis. His 20+ years of experience include leading several companies from early years to successful IPO and acquisitions.


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