Your Customer-focused Culture – Time to Renovate and Retrofit

As Spring approaches, now is a great time for goal setting and organizing. Take the time to apply those disciplines to your customer focus. I suggest going as far as renovation and retrofitting. Creating a customer-focused culture requires strategy and constant review. I encourage you to look at two areas, processes and people, to strengthen your customer focus.

Organization’s processes and systems can get complicated. Too often businesses have an internal focus which can create hassles for the customer. Customers want ease, simplicity and responsiveness. No matter how the customer contacts your business, hassle free is their desire. Look at your website, social media, call center, phone handling and in person contact. Where are the interaction points that can cause glitches, delays and frustration?

Evaluate how hard it is for the customer to reach you and get a timely response. Where might they “get lost”, confused and irritated?

Many of you have done the overhaul on your systems and processes - it is time to do it again. Lots of stuff keeps getting in the way.

The second area to renovate is your people. To have a customer-focused culture, your team has to be at its best. Look at your current team, decide who needs to be “retrofitted”. You have team members who are delivering status quo. It is time to coach and retrain. To get change, deliver feedback, decide upon a plan of improvement, state your expectations and set a timeline. If the team member is still not receptive to change, then take a hard look at their value.

Check your new employee orientation process. Retool it so it matches up with your customer-focused culture. Dedicate enough time for orientation. Have key people be a part of the training so the new team member feels valued and important.

Name a leader who is in charge of the customer-focused culture. This person keeps important customer issues front and center. Their position must cut across all departments so the processes can be seamless. This leadership position demonstrates your long-term commitment to the customer.

Resolve to make your organization one that works well for your customer. A customer- focused culture requires a regular “check up”, a champion and strategy. Renovation and retrofitting are not easy or cheap but required to be one of the best.
Lisa Ford
Lisa Ford

Lisa is well known for her work on customer issues. Her ideas help companies create customer-focused cultures and keep customers loyal. She is a speaker and author with over 20 years of experience presenting to businesses, associations and government. Lisa is the author of ‘How to Give Exceptional Customer Service’, the #1 selling DVD series in the US for over 3 years.


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